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The Dorothy Palace is located in Via Irnerio 38. Its history is undoubtedly linked to its past since the 1800. The entire structure was part of the Istituto S.Dorotea, whose name dates back to the establishment of a college in 1852 by Paola Frassinetti (foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of Santa Dorotea) that housed 45 bedrooms and 44 private baths and was legally recognized as a women's classical lyceum with private management from 1936 until 1985.

The Register in memory of the venerable presence of Our Lord Pius IX in Bologna the summer of 1857 was realized on the occasion of the stay of Pius IX in Bologna, which took place during the long journey that the Pope accomplished in the northern provinces of Pontifical State from 4 May to 5 September 1857. The trip initially envisaged only one stop in the sanctuary of Loreto and another one in Senigallia (the Pope's hometown), but Pius IX wanted to extend it to many other cities, the Marche and especially Romagna. And it was on this journey that the Pope stayed at the former Institute of St. Dorothy, in that that's actually the Dorothy Palace called, to pay homage to it, THE POPE ROOM.

In 2015 the restoration works began on the building thanks to the participation of SOLIDO s.r.l. , established company and now Leader in the market of "Construction of residential and non-residential buildings", which led to the creation and discovery of sensational works of art inherent in the building, some of them visible inside the THE POPE ROOM.

In May 2018 the Dorothy Palace inaugurates its definitive opening thanks to the meeting and union of two young entrepreneurs who have unheart a unique and inimitable environment, always preserving the charm and luxury of the past.

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